Construction of CTGs Zhejiang Changlong Pumped Storage Power Plant Project Was Commenced

On April 10-14, the Expert Quality Inspection Group for Complex Projects of the Three Gorges Project Construction Committee under the State Council ("Expert Group" for short), came to the Three Gorges Project for field investigation and inspection. Zhang Cheng, vice president of CTG, and Zhang Shuguang, assistant to CTG president and director of the Three Gorges Complex Administration Bureau, accompanied the Expert Group.

On the afternoon of April 13, the Expert Group exchanged inspection opinions with principals of participating units for the construction of the Three Gorges Project, including CTG. The Expert Group fully recognized the operation of the complex and reservoir as well as the construction and trial operation of the ship lift. In 2016, the Three Gorges Project successfully achieved its 7th 175-meter trial impounding target in a row, and remarkable benefits have been realized in flood control, power generation, navigation and water replenishment, etc. The Three Gorges Complex Project has been in safe, efficient and stable operation, with its comprehensive benefits in good play.