Construction of CTG¨s Zhejiang Changlong Pumped Storage Power Plant Project Was Commenced

  On April 14, CTG convened a regular meeting on production scheduling and operation analysis for the first quarter of 2017. At the meeting, the Corporation reviewed the implementation of its comprehensive plans and operational budgets as well as the progress of the key programs for the year. It was pointed out that the main economic indicators of CTG have been in smooth operation, marking its good beginning of the year.

  Special analysis was given to the production and operation in the first quarter as a focus, and special speeches were made by Yangtze Power, Hubei Energy Group, CTG International and Three Gorges Capital, etc. Mr. Wang Lin, President of CTG, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

  Wang Lin pointed out that it has not been easy to have such a good beginning in the first quarter in view of a number of unfavorable conditions such as relatively less water inflow into the Yangtze River on a year-on-year basis, less favorable policies for value-added taxes, and increased interest rate in the capital market, etc. We have learnt more about how to better operate in such adverse conditions in investment, construction, production, management and operation and a good review and round-up are necessary.